Gesundes Haustier ist ein glückliches Haustier

Kennels' Favourite

Dear animal lovers,

Prof Pet Corporation hereby presents you the best Dutch products for pets. The brand names are KIS-KIS, PRO-VET and Kennels' Favourite. Prof Pet Corporation is an International organisation that has members in many countries.

Our pet food is the result of a wealth of experience and knowledge from the Netherlands' best professionals in the areas of both food production and food expertise. The products KiS-KiS, PRO-VET and Kennels' Favourite are exclusively made and packaged in accordance with the most stringent quality control norms:
- Non-GMO (basierend auf EU-Vorschriften in Bezug auf gentechnikfreie Produkte, einschließlich der Richtlinie 2001/18 / EG und der Vorschriften 1829/2003 und 1830/2003);

- HACCP (Control analysis and critical points);
- NEN ISO 9001-2000 (International quality standards for managing systems of standards for the development and production of pet food);
- HPH (Hygienic production of pet food).

The quality of our products meets the requirements of organisations such as:
- AAFCO (American Animal Feed Control Officials);
- NRC (National Research Council);
- FEDIAF (European pet food industry federation).

The product range offered by KiS-KiS, PRO-VET and Kennels' Favourite was developed based on the actual needs of the pet based on its fundamental nature without commercial additives or refinements.

Our objective is to achieve maximum satisfaction of the pet with the food it needs throughout its lifetime: from a concrete age: small, young, adult and senior; for a concrete type: active, exceptionally active, relatively inactive, inactive; for a particular lifestyle: pets that spend a lot of time outdoors, that exercise regularly or participate in active training sessions, that work, for those with observable health problems: allergic to certain foods, skin atopy, hair loss, weak kidneys, overweight (primarily due to castration or sterilisation), decline in natural colour, pigmentation, kidney stones and grit in the urinary bladder, weak joints……

Our product range is simple and concise; it will be easy for you to determine which type of food your little darling needs.

Our pets trust us implicitly and it is our duty to choose the right food for them so they can live a healthy and happy life!

Our internet helpline is always ready to assist you and provide you with the best advice. Send us an e-mail at: 

Thanks to the very best ingredients, our food choices are not only functional, but delicious.
Your pet will thoroughly enjoy the taste of his food.
Dutch veterinary practices have noticed that cats or dogs raised on our products have the stamina of animals that are two years younger .
KiS-KiS, PRO-VET and Kennels' Favourite are the choice for you – they'll never let you down!

Prof Pet Corporation